Banana Balls

Banana Balls

I’m not that keen on giving pets people food. I have noticed that every time I do, our two dogs end up throwing up on something or need to go outside several more times a day than usual. A little graphic, I know.

However, once in a while I do like to let them indulge a little. So, in order to satisfy their wants, I have gone in search of some yummy treats for them that are also safe for them to eat. I found a recipe that simply calls for peanut butter and bananas, but that doesn’t sound that delicious. So I altered it a little.

Print this recipe HERE!

Things you will need:
3 very ripe bananas (black peel, but not completely black)
About 1 Cup Crunchy Peanut Butter
2 Cups Carob Chips
1 Cup Oats
Parchment Paper
1 mixing bowl
A cookie sheet
1 medium size ice cream scoop
An airtight freezer safe container
At least one happy dog

Step One:
In a medium bowl, mash the bananas. Leave a few lumps, but for the most part, it should be smooth.

Step Two:
Add peanut butter, carob chips and oats. Mash it all together well. It should be one big, sticky pile. Thick and stiff, but sticky.

Step Three:
Spread parchment paper over cookie sheet.

Step Four:
Using the ice cream scoop, spoon balls of mix onto the cookie sheet. It doesn’t matter how close or far apart they are. They will not spread out.

Step Five:
Place the cookie sheet in the freezer for at least 30-40 minutes. While they are firming up, put some parchment paper in the bottom of your freezer safe, airtight container. Once you take out the treats, spread them out in a single layer in the container. If more than one layer is necessary, place additional parchment paper between each layer.

*Suggestion: These are best kept in the freezer. If you have a dog that cannot eat frozen or hard foods due to dental issues, do not use carob chips and do not layer these in the container. They will soften up as they are meant to be a frozen treat.

Step Six:
Treat your waiting canines! They will go nuts. What dog doesn’t love peanut butter?

If you would like to print this, CLICK HERE!


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