Choc. Pumpkins

Chocolate Marshmallow Pumpkins

I found a recipe similar to this one for “Jack-o-Lantern Strawberries”.  I altered it by replacing strawberries with jumbo marshmallows and pretzel sticks. I made this for a work party and everyone loved them.

To print this recipe, CLICK HERE!

Things you will need:

1 bag jumbo marshmallows
1 bag of pretzel sticks
1 lb. bag of Melt n Mold vanilla chocolate
1-2 tubes of Betty Crocker black gel
Food coloring
1 stack of cupcake cups (optional)

Step One:
Pour half of your chocolate pieces in the double boiler. Stirring occasionally, let them melt. You will be using two colors so make sure you do not use all of them.

*Tip 1: You do not have to have a double boiler. I made do without one prior to owning one. You can either A) put a pan inside a pan making sure to stir frequently as this may make it easier to burn the chocolate, or B) Buy a double boiler maker! has one for $9.99!

Step Two:
While you are waiting on that, start preparing your mallows. Poke a pretzel stick through the top of the marshmallow. Gently, but firmly, push the stick down until about half of it is poking out. Do with this with all of the mallows that you intend to use. If there are any left over, roast them! Or keep them in an airtight container.

Step Three:
Once the chocolate has melted, add your food coloring. The first batch will be orange. If you do not have orange food coloring, that’s okay. I use McCormick food coloring. I love this brand for colorings and seasonings. To create a lovely orange, you will use 17 yellow drops and 3 red drops. If you would like a deeper orange, use a little more red. Keep in mind that this will darken as it dries. Not a lot, but it might be the perfect shade for you. It was for me!

Step Four:
Spread some wax paper across an even, clean work surface. Like the counter.

Step Five:
Once you have created your lovely orange chocolate, start dipping! You do not need to cover the whole marshmallow. We will be covering the rest at a later time. For now, cover them as close to the top of it as possible. After dipping, place the freshly dipped mallows on the wax paper to dry. This chocolate cools and dries fast.

Step Six:
When you have dipped all of the marshmallows that you need, or run out of orange chocolate, you will need to wash the top portion of your double boiler. It’s time to start the green! Once it’s clean and dry, pour in the rest of your white chocolates.

Step Seven:
If you do not have green food coloring, you can use 14 blue drops and 6 yellow drops. This will make sort of a jungle green color. If you would like it to be more bright, use more yellow.

Step Eight:
By now, the orange part of the pumpkins will be dry by now. You can dip them in the green by holding them upside down, but I found it was much easier to use a silicon brush. The kind you might use to apply glaze or marinade to cooking meat. I dipped the brush in the green chocolate and let it drip on top of the marshmallow. Then gently brush it around a little to cover the sticks and all the white still showing. Set them aside to dry. Now you have your pumpkins!

Step Ten:
You can even further and make some adorable Jack-o-Lanterns! Using your black gel, draw some cute faces on them. You can put them in some cupcake cups to help keep them from touching.

Click HERE to print!


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