Neapolitan Cake

Last year I was assisting with the planning of a birthday party. The person we were celebrating wanted their very own cake. Well, it’s a birthday. Since they wanted their very own cake that belonged to only them and nobody else would eat, we had to make sure that there was something for everyone else as well.

And so becomes this amazing Neapolitan cake. It was a random idea really… and I honestly say  I wasn’t all that sure it would turn out okay. However, it was delicious! The guests all ate at least two slices each, so it’s a good thing we made so much! I hope you try and love…

PS- don’t judge the appearance pre-decorated too harshly… it really was fantastic! 🙂


What you will need:
1 box chocolate cake
1 box strawberry cake
1 box vanilla cake (on all of these I myself prefer Pillsbury)
Everything these cake mixes call for – please keep in mind that they
are slightly different so take care when preparing the mix for each flavor.
Chocolate covered malt balls
Mini M&Ms (or any candy coated chocolate pieces)
Milk Chocolate Melts
Vanilla Chocolate Melts (white)
Baking Pan
Double Boiler

Step One:
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Step Two:
In three separate bowls, prepare each cake mix as directed. You should have one bowl with the properly prepared cake mix for each flavor.

Step Three:
Make sure that your choice of pan is lightly greased. I prefer to use non-stick spray as it is less oily and easiest to create an even coat.

Step Four:
Pour a portion of one flavor into the greased pan. Make sure the first layer is evenly spread. Once it is, add the next flavor on top. Be gentle with the second and third layers so that they do not prematurely blend together. Here, I used a 13″ × 9″ × 2″ size pan. Each layer was about a half inch thick so that I could allow a half inch for the cake to rise. You will have cake left over. Don’t waste it, make cupcakes!

*Fun Suggestion:
Between each layer, I dropped a thin layer of sprinkles to add additional color.*

Step Five:
Once all three layers have been added to the pan, take a button knife and gently make a swirly motion through the mix. This will create a fancy little design when the cake is cut into.

Step Six:
Pop the cake in the oven. The cake should bake for about 40-45 minutes. Set your timer, but when it goes off, make sure to insert a clean toothpick into the middle and make sure it comes out clean as well. If it needs to bake a little longer, try inserting a new toothpick every 5-10 minutes. It will not be the best looking cake until it has been decorated. Just trust me!

*Tip 1: Nobody likes to clean an oven with cooked on food! To help prevent having to do this just in case you filled the pan too full, coat a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and place it on the shelf below the cake to act as a drip pan.

*Tip 2: Some people use a fork. I prefer a toothpick as it leaves only one hole instead of 4 at a time. I have experienced the fork tearing the cake as well, whereas with a toothpick, it seems to be much more smooth.*

Step Seven:
Once the cake is done, it is very important to make sure the cake is completely cooled before doing anything else with it. Otherwise, major tearing could happen and this will not be a pretty cake. Let the cake cool on its own for about 5-10 minutes, and then pop it in the freezer. Give it about 20-25 more minutes of freezer time before taking it out.

Step Eight:
Spread a sheet of wax paper over the cleaned counter. This will allow you to use an even workspace while prevent sticking. Tip the cooled cake upside down over the wax paper. WIth it laying face down, gently tap the full area of bottom of the pan. You should be able to slowly lift the pan to reveal a clean, moist cake.

Step Nine:
Using a long, sharp kitchen knife, cut the cake into servings. Doing this prior to decorating means that you will not have to struggle with messing up the frosting, tearing the cake, or have a hard time taking the first slice out of the pan.

Step Ten:
Once the cake has been cut up, you can easily slice the top off each slice, helping to even out any bumps or dips that may have occurred during baking.

Step Eleven:
Pull out the double boiler. If you are using two different colors of chocolate melts, you will need to wash the top pan in between chocolates. Start with the lightest color first.

While this is melting, start slicing the malt balls in half and sticking one half to the top of the frosted cakes using a dab of frosting. Make sure to use enough that it sticks well, but not so much that it is over powering. This is going to be rich enough as it is.

Step Twelve:
Once you have finished adding the malt balls and the first batch of chocolate is ready to use, take a wooden spoon and scoop up some chocolate from the pan. Holding the spoon about 5 inches above the cakes, start drizzling. You can be as fancy as you would like with this. Once you have used as much as you would like of this color, drop some sprinkles over the top.

*Tip 3: You do not have to have a double boiler. I made do without one prior to owning one. You can either A) put a pan inside a pan making sure to stir frequently as this may make it easier to burn the chocolate, or B) Buy a double boiler maker! Click here to find a low priced option!

Step Thirteen:
Wash your pan and repeat step twelve. Once you have finished, drop some mini M&Ms over the top. Let cool. The chocolate will dry fairly fast.

Step Fourteen:
Enjoy a slice! Its delicious and you deserve it! Then come back and leave some feedback! I would love to hear about your experience baking/decorating/tasting this rich treat.

To print this recipe, minus the pictures, CLICK HERE!


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