Teacup Dinners!!!

This is seriously amazing. It is so unique! I was checking out Food & Wine magazine today and found a short article about it.By “it”, I mean the interesting way of serving delicious foods that J. Morgan Puett has introduced to society.

J. Morgan Puett gives dinner parties. And she does one memorable job of it. She calls it Creative Domesticating, making everything in the home an art. She doesn’t keep groceries in their originally packaging’s, but instead transfers them to pretty dishes and glassware. There are doilies under glass bottles or milk and juices, polished silver gravy bowls holding the grapes, and clear vintage dishes holding everything in between. She doesnt hide her dishes in a cabinet, but instead piles them up in uneven stacks that look like they might topple over. Her kitchen appears to be her artists studio. After all, isn’t that exactly what a kitchen is meant to be for the devoted chef?

J. Morgan is apparently known for her “Algorithm Dinners”. Her dinner guests write their names on index cards, then as a team they scramble the letters into ingredients on linen tea cloths to create dishes for a six course menu. Then they decide how to prepare and present each dish.

Her “Teacup Dinners” hold a three course meal. The heat from the soup in the bottom cup, keeps the dumplings under the cup on top warm. Since that cup is upside down, she puts a small appetizer in the little groove of it. Adorable!

To make it even better, she serves ON silverware! Instead of spreading out bowls of strawberries or butter or anything at all, she spreads out forks with strawberries already forked, and knives with butter on them ready to spread…

This whole idea is so cute it makes me sick. And so inspiring. J. Morgan Puett is one creative chef.





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