The Plan

First off, Happy New Year everyone! I hope that as more of you start to read this, you also start to love it. Although this may not be the most original and fresh, it is original and fresh for me.

So, here is the plan:

I want to post recipes. Lots and lots of recipes. There are different restaurant recipes I would like to attempt… like Famous Daves Mac & Cheese. I would do more of a review with out that turns out homemade compared to right from the location.

There will be recipes from well known people.. like Alton Brown or Martha Stuart.

I would also like to post recipes I have tested that have been submitted by readers, friends, family… how they turn out, if/how I alter them to get a better result.

I want to make sure there are tips, tricks, suggestions, substitutions… whatever will make cooking, baking and the preparation and cleaning for before and after much easier.

I am hoping that I can make each recipe and what not a printable download. I know that for me, when I come to a blog with something useful in it, I hate to copy the text, slap it into an email, send it to myself and then print it. It would be nice for it to be printable already. So basically, the only posts you will see on the page are here in the “Home” section. If you go to “Desserts”, for example, you will see the name of the food posted as a clickable link, which will open up a handy, printable document for you. 🙂

Now, of course much of this might not be available right away. It takes some time to really build up information. But as things are posted, and read, it would be awesome of you to let me know you stopped by! Leave comments, suggestions, any feed back at all. If you think you might want to see how this blog turns out, then subscribe!

Here’s to a wonderful tasting new year!


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